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Over the years, transportation has changed dramatically. From the horseless carriage of the past, to self-driving cars today, the rules of who and what is allowed to use city streets have always been up for debate.

Modern space activities have altered the environment just beyond our atmosphere, adding more and more orbiting objects each year. What should we do (if anything) about the growing number of objects, both large and very small, that circle the Earth?

Recently in some states, lawmakers have adjusted child labor laws. Invite students to explore the history of child labor as well as current regulations related to minors in the workforce. Students can join in on conversations about past and recent changes to child labor laws both in the United States and abroad.

Over the past century, a range of technologies have changed the ways that we make, purchase, and engage with the clothes we wear, from department stores and mail-order catalogs to online shopping and social media. Some of the most recent technological changes have profoundly impacted our environment.

Seeing our public monuments and memorials as texts or a collection of texts to be read and (re)written invites students to think critically about how/whose stories and histories are told and retold. Students can be invited to contribute to an ongoing conversation about what we value as communities.

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